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About Me

Holly Turner BSc, MIFPA.

Hi! I’m Holly,  a Complementary Therapist passionate about helping people counteract modern-day stressors, better manage health conditions and finding peace in what can be a busy and frantic world.

My interest in Complementary Healthcare began after I had a random, stress-related seizure in Newport Sainsbury’s several years ago and I received complementary therapies alongside my GP’s care as part of my recovery.

That seizure was the best thing that has ever happened to me because now I have found my passion, I am fascinated by the effects of chronic stress on our mental and physical health. I attended Cardiff Metropolitan Universtiy to study the BSc in Complementary Healthcare. Fast forward three years,  I’ve graduated with a First Class Honours, conducted my own scientific study exploring the effects of reflexology on chronic stress and won the Susan Clease Memorial Prize for Best Clinical Practice. 

I am also keen on promoting better health and wellbeing to the wider community. Over a year ago, I started a Women’s Wellbeing group in Redwick village hall and I absolutely love running the sessions with a group of fabulous women all ready to learn ways in which we can be happier and healthier.

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