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Women's Wellbeing

Started 2017.


Join me for a self-care session from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re feeling fed up, sad, anxious and had a titful of COVID, then come and join us for a 30 minute guided meditation and self care session on ZOOM, from the comfort of your own home and in your PJ’s. 

The plan is to release any stress related tension, worries or overthinking for a short while. I will guide you through some basic stretches and then through a guided meditation with a breathing technique. 

I would encourage you to create a really lovely self-care space in your home allowing you to be fully present. Turn off the bright lights, light a candle, diffuse your relaxing essential oils, gather any crystals you have around your mat and let’s get ready to CHILL OUT. 

I want you to feel totally comfortable however you arrive on your mat. As someone with anxiety, I HATE zoom meetings when you can see one another and everyone talks over each other. So, I will be muting everyones microphone and disabling everyones camera. You can see me, that’s it. 

All you need is a device/laptop for zoom, a yoga mat or blanket and to find a space in your home where you won’t be disturbed for a short while. This time is for YOU, you’re worth it. 

Email me at holly@wellbeing-studio.co.uk if you would like to join. I need your e-mail as this will be how I send you the Zoom invite. 

Hope to relax and unwind with you next week, I pray my holistic skills as a Complementary Therapist will help you x x



What was women's wellbeing before COVID?

Previous meet-up's

We have explored and learnt about the following:
– Stress management techniques
– What is Reflexology? A live demonstration and techniques you can use on yourself at home.
– Health QiGung and Tai Chi with Sean Mahoney from Magick Tree
– Pilates (with Abi Cain)
– Yoga Dance with Sophie Schmidtlein from We Happy Women
– The use of essential oils
– Forest bathing (a walk through Wentwood with a focus on gratitude)
– Collections for local charities
– Hand and arm massage techniques.
– Seated Massage Routine
– Arts and Crafts with a therapeutic twist
– Yema Dance

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