Self-Care Boxes

Help us to help our local young people with their mental health.

With GCSE exams here, our young people are under more pressure than ever. In a busy, frantic and ever-connected world where mental health in young people is on the rise, it is more important than ever to do our little bit to help them manage their exam stress and pressures, as stress only stays stress for so long, before it pre-disposes the brain to depressive episodes and anxiety.

Our community group "Womens Wellbeing" (a local group that come together to engage in self-care in Redwick village hall) want to do our little bit to help the young people take good care of their mental health during this time, using the self-care techniques we've been using for our own wellbeing.
We're fundraising to cover the costs of the self-care boxes. If you can help and spare a few pounds then we would be ever so grateful. The more funds we raise, the more boxes we can put together.
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What's inside the self-care boxes?

Aromatherapy Sniff Sticks

100% natural nasal inhalers.
Breathe in the plant power of aromatic essential oils. The blending of the personal inhalers is overseen by Clinical & Professional Aromatherapist Holly, blended to help students feel instantly more focused and relaxed.

Hand Reflexology Self-Help Card

The box contains a stress-busting hand reflexology routine for students to practice and try anywhere for 5 minutes every day. Great for helping to calm an overburdened nervous system.

Affirmation Cards

Helping to keep positive and mindful of thoughts, Ink and Scribbles has designed and created exam specific affirmation cards. These should also help deal with any anxiety, or negative thinking around exams.

That's Not all! 
Self-care kits will also contain:
- Chocolate
- Breathing techniques
- Links to guided meditations
- A voucher for a 30-min relaxation session at the studio (massage or reflexology).

So how does it work?

Send us an e-mail to reserve one

Let us know if you, or a young adult you know would like a self-care kit via e-mail. 

Tell your friends and fellow students.

As a community, we want to help as many local young adults as possible. Please share our project with fellow students, friends or parents that may benefit from learning a bit of self-care at this time.

Pick-up from the Studio or we'll deliver!

Once we have received your e-mail to let us know you would like a self-care kit. We'll let you know a time when you can come and pick it up from the Studio's reception OR we can deliver to your door!

Let us know you want a self-care kit!