Women’s Wellbeing

Who are we?

Each meet-up we explore ways in which we can be happier and healthier. 
We come together to have a giggle, learn something new, forget about our worries for a few hours and to relax and unwind. The aim of the group is to explore different techniques and methods that can help us feel happier and healthier, improving our overall sense of wellbeing.

Our Meet-Up's

Meditation and Gratitude Practice

Our meet-up's will always include a group meditation and gratitude practice.

Aromatherapy Workshop

As we all loved making our aromatherapy roller balls last season, this season we'll be once again utilising the many benefits of essential oils into products take home and use whenever we need some aromatherapy in our life!

Pamper Party

From feedback, one of our most favourite sessions has been when we indulge into giving ourselves a little pamper.. so the pamper paty evening is back this season!

Community outreach

One of the best ways to find happiness is to give to others. Recently, in my private practice at the Studio, I’m seeing more and more young people with mental health conditions. It seems the pressure they are under with upcoming exams is ridiculous. I’m deeply concerned about the number of young people with severe anxiety and depressive episodes as a result of untreated, sky-high stress levels. Therefore, together, we're going to get out heads together, brainstorm ideas, fundraise and make self-care packages with sniff sticks, meditation tips, breathing exercises and information with who to call if they need more support or feel suicidal. It'll be our community project this season to help young people with exam stress and anxiety.

Special guest speakers 

We welcome very special guests to come and run wellbeing sessions for us. From mindset coaches, dancers, lightworkers to yoga teachers.


Tickets are sold out, you can no longer purchase tickets for this season.
If you would like to join us for the Autumn 2019 season - please e-mail holly@wellbeing-stuio.co.uk