Meditation Groups

What is meditation?

Meditation is a taking a moment to breathe, to be still, to focus on training your attention and awareness. The science tells us that practising to focus your attention and awareness can foster better general mental-wellbeing, concentration, clarity and calm¹.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Reduces anxiety
Scientific research has found that meditation can reduce anxiety².
Improves productivity

If you're thinking, what!? Doing "nothing" boosts your productivity!? Then let the science speak, research shows meditation can improve your focus, attention, memory and your ability to multitask.

Makes you happier

Meditation can increase positive emotion, decreasing over-thinking (rumination).

Boosts your social life
Believe meditation is a solitary activity? Meditation actually increases your increases your sense of connection with others, helping you to feel less lonely and improving your social connection and emotional intelligence³

"All that we are is all that we have thought" Buddha

Small Meditation Groups


Although meditating on our own can be pretty awesome, meditating in small and supportive groups can help to enhance our meditation journey.

The meditation group will first give everyone the chance to learn the basics of meditation, followed by simple instruction and then 30 minutes of meditation practice.

Research also shows us that enhancing meditation a aromatherapy (inhaling pleasant aromas from essential oils) has been shown to further reduce stress and anxiety (Redstone, 2017). As an Aromatherapist, carefully selected blends of essential oils will be diffused in the studio to further complement our meditation.

Maximum group size of 5.

£4 for a 45min session.